Legislative Information

Joining the fight against radon in Kentucky means speaking with one voice in our state capitol about the importance of preventing radon-induced lung cancer through testing and mitigation. During legislative sessions, check this section frequently for important updates, including details about our annual advocacy day event in Frankfort.

Legislative Sessions

Each year, KARP publishes its legislative priorities in advance of the legislative session. During legislative sessions, members are provided regular updates on bills being supported, opposed, or monitored. KARP members are encouraged to participate in our annual Radon Advocacy Day, which brings members together to speak with one voice in our state capitol. Details on legislative priorities, updates during the legislative session, and Radon Advocacy Day can be found below. 

2021 Legislative Session Documents

House Bill 340

Legislative Updates

KARP members are encouraged to stay updated on our legislative priorities, including bills being supported, opposed, or monitored. Important updates are pushed out through our social media portals – make sure to follow KARP on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook. Additional resources for staying current on legislative issues are offered through the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.

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