Our Coalition

We are proud to partner with the following organizations who share our commitment to spreading awareness about the effects of radon. With one voice we can make a difference in protecting Kentucky from the harmful effects of radon exposure.

American Lung Association – Works to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. In Kentucky, KARP joins forces with the Lung Association for events such as Advocacy Day in Frankfort and the annual Fight for Air Climb in Louisville among other events throughout the year.

Breath of Hope Kentucky is a non-profit organization started by a lung cancer survivor and life-long Kentuckian. We are committed to educating our citizens about lung cancer statistics in our state and informing the public of varied causes.Our primary focus is to generate greater awareness and funds for lung cancer initiatives in Kentucky. We work alongside other organizations equally dedicated to early detection, increasing survivor-ship, and erasing the stigma of lung cancer.

BREATHE – The University of Kentucky BREATHE program promotes lung health and healthy environments to achieve health equity through research, community outreach and empowerment, advocacy and policy development, and access to health services. BREATHE’S vision is that all people will have access to clean air and live in healthy environments.

CanSAR – An organization dedicated to preventing radon-induced lung cancer and saving lives through advocacy, awareness, and outreach. A group of passionate survivors and volunteers who empower radon-induced lung cancer survivors, are committed to raising awareness about radon, and help shape public policy by supporting radon awareness legislation.

Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3), a nationwide advocacy nonprofit organization, addresses the need for stronger public engagement, greater outreach, and targeted radon awareness initiatives on an “ongoing” nationwide level with more aggressive campaigns that emphasize radon as a cause of lung cancer. CR3 outreach initiatives include:  “Teachers for Radon Reduction” which brings teachers, parents, and others together in an effort to encourage radon testing in schools. “CR3 News Magazine” — the only magazine in the world dedicated to radon and lung cancer that informs property owners, patients and medical communities about radon as a possible cause.  “Radon Results Reported to Physicians” — a radon health care alert that reports radon levels to physicians regarding patient exposure at the time of testing therefore providing a platform for physician analysis of a patient’s risk. CR3 is a national “Bark Side of Radon Ambassador” dedicated to increase awareness of radon exposure to pets.

Kentucky Cancer Consortium – Kentucky’s statewide comprehensive cancer control coalition. The organization maintains Kentucky’s Cancer Action Plan, which outlines goals and strategies for cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life.

Kentucky Public Health: Kentucky Radon Program – The Kentucky Radon Program works in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to provide education and awareness of the health hazards caused by radon to the citizens of Kentucky. Led by the Department for Public Health, the program works to promote statewide knowledge of the harm radon may bring.