Our Mission

Spreading Radon Awareness

KARP, a group of responsible members of the radon measurement testing, radon mitigation and radon laboratory analysis industries, is dedicated to prevent radon-induced lung cancer and saving lives through:

  • Increasing consumer awareness…
  • Raising industry professionalism…
  • Supporting effective radon policy…

Dedication to Radon Education

Because of our commitment to spreading awareness, our mission involves sharing the following information with all residents of Kentucky:

  • Radon causes Lung Cancer
  • Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes up out of the ground.
  • Radon enters a home from the ground under a house through cracks or openings in the foundation, slab, or crawl space ground. When this occurs, radon can accumulate in dangerous levels.
  • Radon is a Class A Human Carcinogen — the US EPA and Surgeon
  • General estimate radon is responsible for more than 25,000 annual lung cancer deaths, making it the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
  • Radon is part of mother nature and can occur in any house

To learn more about radon and what you can do to make sure your home is radon-free, explore our resources.