Radon PAC

The Radon PAC is the Political Action Committee operated by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST). By investing in the Radon PAC, members can support legislators who believe in preventing radon-induced lung cancer and saving lives through common sense measurement and mitigation policies. The Radon PAC elevates AARST’s status as a policy advocate in Washington DC and individual states by supporting legislators with policies and interests that align with our organization.  

Radon professionals from across the state can join the fight against radon by speaking with one voice in Frankfort and Washington DC – the Radon PAC is the mechanism to ensure the voice of the industry is heard. Contributions to the Radon PAC can be earmarked to support policy efforts in individual states, as well as federal policy. 

Radon PAC Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)? 

A: A Political Action Committee is an entity established under law that allows groups of individuals to pool funds to support the election of candidates for political office and for other election-related purposes. This pooling mechanism allows people with common interests, such as members of a trade association, to concentrate and magnify their impact in supporting candidates for office. 

Q: Are members required to contribute to the Radon PAC? 

A: No. Member contributions to the Radon PAC are entirely voluntary and are not a condition of membership. However, the Radon PAC is a benefit that only members of AARST may contribute to/participate in. While AARST encourages its members to contribute to the Radon PAC, there is no consequence to not contributing. 

Q: How much can I contribute to the Radon PAC? 

A: Members may contribute up to $5,000 annually to the Radon PAC. Federal law requires a Political Action Committee to report the name, address, occupation, and employer for each member who contributes $200 or more in a calendar year. 

Q: Can my company contribute to the Radon PAC? 

A: No. Only individuals, sole proprietors, and LLCs that are not taxed as corporations may contribute to the Radon PAC. The Radon PAC cannot solicit or receive contributions from member corporations, which include group AARST memberships and incorporated businesses (whether paying for individual or group AARST memberships). However, the executive and administrative employees of a member corporation may contribute as individuals. Please note that member corporations, including any entity that is incorporated and pays for one or more AARST memberships, must complete an authorization form before contributions from any personnel from the member corporation may be accepted by the Radon PAC. 

Q: How do I contribute to the Radon PAC? 

A: Personal checks payable to “AARST Radon PAC” may be sent to the AARST office at 475 South Church Street, Suite 600, Hendersonville, NC 28792. Contributions via credit cards may also be made by calling the AARST office at 828-348-0185. 

Q: Are contributions to the Radon PAC tax deductible? 

A: No. As with all political contributions, contributions to the Radon PAC are not tax deductible. 

Q: Where can I get additional information about the Radon PAC? 

A: Contact Carolyn Koke, Radon PAC Treasurer, by emailing aarstradonpac@aarst.org or calling 334-826-0356.